Grassley releases letter to EPA asking for RIN price confirmation |

Grassley releases letter to EPA asking for RIN price confirmation

As President Donald Trump continues to consider whether to take some action on ethanol, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, today released a letter that he and other senators had written to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt in January asking whether EPA’s conclusion that “high RIN prices do not cause significant harm to refiners” is still the official position.

Grassley said Pruitt had not responded to the letter, which he wrote with Republican Sens. John Thune of South Dakota, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Deb Fischer of Nebraska and Joni Ernst of Iowa.

“We are told that action needs to be taken to lower RIN prices to help refiners. But under both Democratic and Republican administrations, EPA has found that RIN prices don’t affect whether refiners are successful or not,” Grassley said.

“That was true of President Obama’s EPA and it’s true of President Trump’s EPA. Several of my colleagues and I asked EPA about this in light of calls to make changes to the RFS, but we’ve yet to receive a response.

“I’m always willing to engage in good faith discussions on any issue, but the facts need to be on the table. Changing the RFS based on misinformation and baseless arguments isn’t fair to the thousands of farmers and workers throughout rural America whose livelihoods would be harmed if the RFS were undermined.”


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