Grassley talks farm bill, RFS volumes, tax extenders |

Grassley talks farm bill, RFS volumes, tax extenders

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, told reporters Tuesday that he now has “great confidence” the farm bill will pass this year, either as stand-alone legislation or attached to an appropriations bill to fund several government agencies including the Agriculture Department by Dec. 7, when the current funding bill lapses.

In his weekly call to rural reporters, Grassley acknowledged that the question of whether to put forestry provisions in the House-passed bill in the conference report has been bumped up to the level of top congressional leaders, but said he believes those issues will be resolved and the bill will pass.

Grassley said he doesn’t know if his measure to limit farm subsidy payments will be in the conference report because the chairs and ranking members of the agriculture committees have not told other legislators what is in the bill so that no one will organize opposition to it.

Grassley also said he believes that the Trump administration will release volumetric requirements under the Renewable Fuels Standard this week that are “in line with the law,” but that the real issue is whether the Environmental Protection Agency will continue to issue exemptions that reduce the use of renewable fuels.

Grassley also praised House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, for introducing a tax bill that includes a measure extending the tax break for biodiesel, and that he will work on this legislation.


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