Gray’s Angus Ranch Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 03/19/2022

Location: Harrison, Neb.

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins

Rod Gray makes speech as the sale gets started.


Sale Averages

35 Older Bulls Avg. $4,428.00

65 Yearling Bulls Avg. $4,538

100 head Registered Bulls Avg. $4,499.00

Top Bulls:

Lot 66 Gray’s Outright 1021 Sold for $8,750.00 to Brain Palm – Mitchell, NE

Lott 88 Gray’s Outright 1751 Sold for $8,750.00 to Destry Brown – Oshkosh, NE

Lot 42 Gray’s Outright 71 Sold for $8,750.00 to Brian Palm – Mitchell, NE

Lot 87 Gray’s Charlo 1571 Sold for $7,500.00 to Coffee and Sons – Harrison, NE

Lot 48 Gray’s Rainfall 311 Sold for $7,250.00 to Nicole Pfrang – Goth, KS


Sale day for Gray’s Angus Ranch had great weather and a good crowd for the bull sale. The bulls were deep in quality from the yearlings to the 2-year-old old bulls. Sale morning had people going through the pens to study the bulls.


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