Greeley Stampede plans largest fireworks display ever, and you can help |

Greeley Stampede plans largest fireworks display ever, and you can help

One of the most anticipated attractions of the Greeley Stampede is the Independence Day fireworks. Able to be seen for miles, the fireworks have truly become a staple to our community celebration with residents not having to leave their home to enjoy the show. This year with the 2020 Greeley Stampede events being cancelled, the stampede committee has decided this is one tradition they must continue.

Considering the impact of COVID-19, the Greeley Stampede is looking to make this one of the largest fireworks displays they have had. “We feel that the community deserves this after everything we have endured together,” stated Justin Watada, Greeley Stampede general manager. “The fireworks are something we can all enjoy while maintaining safe social distancing across the city.”

As Independence Day approaches, the Greeley Stampede will have updates on where to enjoy the fireworks as more information becomes available to them. At this time, the stampede is recommending residents plan on enjoying the fireworks from their homes until more is known from the government. “We are still going to need to practice social distancing while enjoying the fireworks,” Watada said. “We want everyone to stay safe while celebrating so we will need to follow the available guidelines for gathering at the time of the fireworks.”

The Greeley Stampede is offering an opportunity for other businesses and community members to get involved and help ensure this is the largest fireworks display through sponsorship opportunities. “Many people have asked how they can support the Stampede through COVID, this is one way to do so,” Watada said. “We have been hit hard financially with the cancellation of the summer events, but we know how important the fireworks are to the community. This is an opportunity for all of us to work together to bring something special to Greeley.” Sponsorship levels to support the community fireworks start as low as $500. Information on becoming a sponsor is available at or contact Justin Watada at

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