Green Grass and Branding Irons |

Green Grass and Branding Irons

It’s late April now

The cow herd is almost done

Guess those mama cows did most of the work

Don’t know why I’m the tired one

Cow dogs and horses are shedding their hair

Following nature’s eternal code

While glossy, wide-eyed calves run here and there

A rancher’s blessing to behold

The cow herd has nearly doubled in size

Haystacks are almost gone

Cow pies are scattered everywhere

Spring cleaning not yet done

The calendar says its springtime

Though you wouldn’t know it to look outdoors

Huge, wet flakes of falling snow

Once so anticipated, now find themselves deplored

Winter fights to hold its grip

The wind like screaming mountain lions

I get down on bended knee and pray

For green grass and branding irons


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