Growth Energy launches bus tour to promote E15 fuel |

Growth Energy launches bus tour to promote E15 fuel

The pro-ethanol group Growth Energy is sending a bus around the Midwest to promote support for year-round sales of E15 fuel.
Photo courtesy Growth Energy

Growth Energy, the pro-ethanol group that represents the builders and managers of ethanol plants, announced Friday that it will send a bus to Midwestern farm gatherings over the next few months to rally support for quick action on President Donald Trump’s promise to allow year-round sales of E15.

The bus was scheduled to appear at the Cattle Congress in Waterloo, Iowa, on Saturday just as this year’s summertime ban on E15 sales was ending.

E15 is already sold in 30 states at least eight months out of the year, Growth Energy said. But the Environmental Protection Agency does not allow its sale during the summer months on environmental grounds, an argument that ethanol advocates say is outdated.

“Rural America is counting on the Trump Administration to open up new domestic markets for homegrown fuel so we can have cleaner, more affordable options at the pump,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor.

“Nationwide adoption of E15 could drive billions of gallons of new ethanol demand, creating a much-needed market for 2 billion bushels of American corn. We’re calling on policymakers to make certain that 2018 was the last summer that drivers are denied a chance to save money on fuel while supporting local farmers. Our bus tour will help spread the message at fairs, campaign rallies, and community events across the heartland that rural America wants action on E15, and we want it now.”

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