Guess the Year 2-25-13 |

Guess the Year 2-25-13

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by Alyssa Weaver | Lochbuie, Colo.
Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr describe atomic structure.

Suffragettes demonstrate in London and Washington D.C.

London peace treaty partitions most of European Turkey among the victors of first Balkan War.

In second Balkan War, Bulgaria attacks Serbia and Greece and is defeated after Romania intervenes and Turks recapture Adrianople.

Garment workers strike in New York and Boston; win pay raises and reduced hours.

The 16th Amendment was (apparently) ratified on February 3rd, and said that Congress had been given the power to collect taxes on income without regard for a census or enumeration. Interestingly, the Supreme Court had declared the apportionment unconstitutional in 1894. “No taxation without representation.”

The 17th Amendment goes into affect changing U.S. Senators being chose by the Legislature to elections involving ordinary voters.

Bill creating U.S. Federal Reserve System becomes law.

Woodrow Wilson becomes 28th U.S. President.

Armory Show in New York introduces Americans to European modern art as well as the American Ashcan School.

Darktown Follies opens in Harlem and helps to make Harlem a black cultural center.

Billboard magazine publishes a list of the most popular vaudeville songs. It’s the predecessor to their trademark charts.

First crossword puzzle appears in the New York World. It was published and created by Arthur Wynne, a Liverpool journalist.

Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr describe atomic structure.

Henry Ford develops the first moving assembly line.

Donerail was the champion for the Kentucky Derby. His win stands to this day as the biggest long shot victory in the history of the Derby.

Harvard were the champions of NCAA football, beating Princeton 3-0.

The Webb Alien Land-Holding Bill is signed into law by California Governor Hiram W. Johnson which bars Japanese Nationalist from owning land in California.

The Mona Lisa was recovered two years after its theft from the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was found in Florence in Italian waiter, Vincenzo Peruggia’s hotel room.

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The answer to last month’s Guess the Year Quiz was 1996. Congratulations to Joe Cucarola of Sterling, Colo., for being selected our prize winner. You can expect to receive $10 by the 20th of next month. ❖


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