Guidelines for good housekeeping |

Guidelines for good housekeeping

Until recently I assumed that I was a pretty decent housekeeper. Then I came across an article that made me realize I had not followed all the guidelines of good housekeeping.

I didn’t know that carpets need to be vacuumed twice a week. Unless they are badly soiled I vacuum them every other week.

When it comes to dish rags, I have used them for years. When they get soiled I soak them in bleach overnight. Dish rags never made anyone in my family ill. When they got sick it was probably due to the fact that I made them eat foods they disliked.

I clean my appliances and countertops whenever they get dirty, and I try my best to keep the bathrooms neat and clean.

I wash windows when they get so dirty that I can’t look out of them. When I do wash them, you can be sure it will rain the next day. I clean the whole house when I have nothing better to do.

So far I have never asked anyone to remove their shoes when they walk into my home, unless they are caked with mud, but I like the Japanese custom that requires anyone entering a house to remove their shoes. It sure keeps your floors and carpets cleaner.

All of my good housekeeping may have been for naught, because of one item. I have never sanitized the many door knobs of my house.

Until I am finished with this task, I am posting signs at my front and back doors reading … ‘Caution, enter this house at your own risk.’

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