Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 1-16-12 |

Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 1-16-12

Every community has its gems. I’m not nattering about expensive stones. I’m bragging on a ranch woman who has contributed 10 years of her time, talent and commitment to our town’s Carnegie Public Library.

Kathy Jones originated Friends of the Library organization and has served as its president for 10 years. During that time she’s initiated outstanding and creative fund-raising activities.

For example: Soup and Bread luncheons. At noon on a specified day, the public is invited to “do lunch” at the Library. The varieties of soups are gourmet delicious and Kathy, an exceptional bread maker, produces a variety of loaves to complement the tasty soups. Cost: Nominal, but the event brings in a tidy sum to Library coffers. The entire happening is brought about because Kathy and her troupe of Friends of the Library volunteers compete with one another to make lip-smacking soup.

Kathy conducts Friends of the Library meetings like no other meeting anyone has ever experienced. The agenda requires maybe 10 minutes and after that, you eat home-made vittles provided by Kathy and F.O.L. members. Does the business get done with that short an agenda? You bet. Partly because Kathy also writes the monthly F.O.L. newsletter which has already informed people of pertinent facts and activities. And partly because moss doesn’t grow on Ms. Jones.

Once a week she spends an afternoon working in the Library at the check-in-out desk or pulling outdated/never-read books off the shelves to be offered for sale in the yearly book-sale event. Or helping write fund-seeking grants. Or filling in when one of the librarians goes on vacation or sick leave.

At the annual Christmas Bazaar, guess who dreams up wonderful ideas for goodies to sell? Did I mention Kathy has a green thumb? At the last Community Christmas Bazaar, the Friends of the Library booth featured potted house plants, many of them grown in her home (which seems to be half greenhouse).

As mentioned, Kathy has been president of F.O.L for 10 years. That’s because when the annual election of officers rolls around, she’s always re-elected by unanimous vote. No, do not think she is officious or domineering. I assure you that the polar opposite is the case. She’s more like a walking blue-eyed musical. Cheerful, optimistic and never without something to smile about, our Kathy is a diamond.

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