Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 4-23-12 |

Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 4-23-12

This year, 2011, would have been the 100th birthday of Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys. Everywhere celebrations are taking place to recognize the man and what he represented – honor, straight shooting, word is one’s bond, handshake honesty, belief in God – all the values most of us hold dear. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and don’t forget that golden Palomino, Trigger, shall ever remain heroic symbols representing the best of our nation where dreams can come true.

Howdy Partner

A hundred years ago as we all know

Leonard Slye was born.

So here’s a bio of the kid from Ohio,

Listen up and learn.

Though it wasn’t cool, he quit high school

And drove a truck for awhile.

He was a lad who helped his dad

Keep the family in style.

He liked to sing; made rafters ring

Playing for friends and neighbors.

He made a decision, he had a vision

Making music his life-time labor.

So he teamed with his cousin;

They went buzzin, out to California.

They rented cheap digs; sought singing gigs

Among the palms and begonias.

Four years later he still hadn’t made ‘er

So he set about changing gears.

With other guys, Leonard Slye

Formed Sons of the Pioneers.

They sang “Cool Water” like they oughter

And “Tumbling Tumble Weeds.”

The boys were a hit; got acting bits

Which made ’em shout with glee!

In 1938, the hand of fate

And an artful movie dodger

Gave Len a hand and a moniker grand

King of the Cowboys: Roy Rogers.

Roy became a household name

An idol for every kid.

He stood for bravery; thumbs down on knavery

In everything he did.

He married Dale, a songbird frail

She was Queen of the West.

To King of the Cowboys, she was his joy

Theirs was a union blessed.

Without fail, Roy and Dale

Made movies portraying honor.

Of cowboys ideal, steadfast and real

They gave us ethics to ponder.


Trigger, Roy’s horse, was of course

The smartest equine in pictures.

He could dance and happily prance

Of tricks he flaunted a mixture.

Roy rode him fast and when Trigger passed

The horse became an icon.

At the Rogers Museum you still can see him

Golden in the setting sun.

Roy and Dale have ridden the trail

Through St Peter’s gate.

Where the angels sing and the Heavens ring

Welcoming Roy and his mate.

How about you – and you – and me?

Shall we follow Roy Rogers’ lead?

And use our days in honorable ways

Helping folks in need?

At Heavens gate, will Roy await

As we approach all alone?

Will he shake our hand; with wide smile grand

Sayin’, Howdy Partner – welcome home!

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