Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 4-30-12 |

Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 4-30-12

This past weekend I participated in the fourth annual Songs of the Cowboys in Cody, Wyo. If you yearn to hear the traditional, old time, NON-Disneyland/Hollywood music and poetry performed by genuine cowboys, Cody was the place to be.

Ramrodded by Leslie (aka Lulubelle), none of the current “country western” music is ever allowed. The songs must have “cowboy” and his/her cowboy work activities as subject matter. You’re treated to “Little Joe the Wrangler,” “Strawberry Roan,” and “When the Work’s All Done This Fall” – to name a few of the traditional songs we all know. Ditto poetry. No esoteric flights of fancy or pseudo deep-meaning stuff. Straight forward rhyme and metered stories of cowboy/cowgirl life. Some of it is so hilarious, the audience weeps with laughter; some of it so nostalgic or sad, you’re brought to tears once more.

“Keeping it cowboy” doesn’t mean recently penned songs or poetry are disallowed. Not at all. New cowboy poems and songs bubble up like burping hot pots in Yellowstone National Park. I burped up the following bit of verse which I recited while whacking a tad on a guitar for background. (Whacking is the operative word for my pickin’ skill).

The Old Crone Cowgirl and The Cowboy

An old crone cowgirl rode out

on her buckskin mare whack!

She ran across a cowboy and said,

oh I despair, whack!

However can I get him to take

a look at me whack!

She gathered up her catch rope

and shouted oh gee!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

She snagged him round the ankle

and tossed him for a loop, whack!

While he lay there in the dirt,

his thoughts they flew the coop, whack!

He wondered what had got him,

he looked around and saw, whack!

An old crone with a piggin’ string,

he thought he just might bawl!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

She tied his left foot to his hands

in just two seconds flat, whack!

He lay there in the pasture

where many cows had sat whack!

The old crone put her foot on him,

and threw her hands up high, whack!

By golly she had caught herself

a really handsome guy!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

What should she do with this here

hogtied buckaroo? Whack!

If she turned him loose would this

waddie know what to do? Whack!

Look out – this rhyming verse

has a many layered plot, whack!

Not to be uncouth but –

this old crone had the hots!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

So she drug him in the house and

threw him on the couch, whack!

He lay there like a sacrificial lamb

trussed up in knots, whack!

Now listen here you whipper snapper,

I got a problem here, whack!

You fix me up and I’ll buy you

a big fat foamy beer!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

She cut the ropes that had him tethered

and he got up and ran, whack!

Out the door and down the lane

as fast any cowboy can whack!

The old crone watched him go and wondered

what the heck had caused it whack!

She’d only meant to ask him to fix

her hot water faucet!

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

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