Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 4-9-12 |

Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 4-9-12

A friend challenged me to write a poem about a cowboy and cowgirl using song titles of the 50s-in alphabetical order. This is a country song waiting to happen. Unless somebody stops me, I’ll start on a tune.

Cowboy C.C. Rider Meets Cowgirl Susie

Well, I gotta say that Ain’t It A Shame

When a special cowboy’s in the loving game

Had Suesie on her toes in Blue Suede Shoes

And gave her a sorry case of the blues.

She was dancin’ her way up Blueberry Hill

Lookin’ for a cowboy to give her a thrill.

Then she dated a cowboy, C.C. Rider

And out they went and drank hard cider.

But then one night he fell on his face

While she was wearing her Chantilly Lace

When he turned into a really bad apple

She began Crying In The Chapel.

But he begged and he cried oh, Don’t Be Cruel

Darlin’ for you I’m a great big fool.

He got so upset he came down with a Fever

And broke the law with a loaded cleaver.

Now he’s workin’ on a chain gang crew

And singin’ the Folsom Prison Blues.

Cussin’ and moanin’ Great Balls Of Fire

He’s thinkin’ ’bout doin’ somethin’ dire.

He’s sleepin’ each night in a lonely cell

Doin’ hard time in Heartbreak Hotel.

Feelin’ sadder than an old Hound Dog

He wrote Sue a letter; in the epilogue.

Said he’s changing his ways, he’ll always be true

And whimpered I Only Have Eyes For You.

I’ll transform my life as I Walk The Line

It’s a promise I make with my heart and mind.

I give you my word In The Still Of The Nite

For you, cowgirl, are the light of my life.

Though I’m living here on Jailhouse Rock

Please give me a chance, oh please don’t mock.

I’m C.C. Rider, but Johnny B. Goode

Is what I’ll be if you tell me I should.

And then I’ll take you to Kansas City

And I’ll pay attention, oh please have pity.

I’ll treat you better than Mack The Knife

And keep you safe and free from strife.

How do you feel, oh Peggy Sue

Give me a hint for I haven’t a clue.

Sue listened to C.C. bare his soul

And began to Shake, Rattle And Roll.

He stirred her emotions like a mulligan stew

He sunk her deep in the Summertime Blues.

If she agrees, That’ll Be The Day

He breaks her heart in a brand new way.

Should she forgive him, say That’s All Right

Or should she tell him to take a hike?

Perhaps he’s merely The Great Pretender

And soon as he’s free he’ll go on a bender.

And she’ll be saying There Goes My Baby

Her feelings hurt, her heart all achy.

Should she tell herself Wake Up Little Susie

C.C. Rider might only abuse me?

She fell in a quandary while singin’ this song

Had a Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On.

Susie confessed, “Though cowboy You Send Me

Before I commit, before I’ll agree –

Should I worry your horse will come after my cart,

If I take a chance on Your Cheatin’ Heart?”

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