Gwen Petersen: Sow’s Ear 9-12-11 |

Gwen Petersen: Sow’s Ear 9-12-11

The Cowgal Pals Bucket List Motorscooter Road Trip has commenced. What, you ask is that all about? It has to do with the cutest li’l red Stella motorscooter (with sidecar) you ever saw. (Sidecar for Bailout, the Cowdog). Once one had acquired a toy like that, it behooved one to go on a “road trip.” Naturally, that meant grandiose plans to motorscooter along some of the backroads of Montana stopping in every small-town eatery, pub, museum, general store and talking to local folks.

You’re out of your mind some friends advised, shuddering. Have a blast others cheered. “Can we be your ‘chase car?'” squealed Debra Coppinger-Hill and Jimi Woods.

Debra is an Oklahoma cowgirl poet, syndicated columnist, horse breeder and Grandma of several (children, not horses). She has performed her poetry and story telling all over the USA.

Jimi is a Texan, a retired Navy Seabee Chief (who has seen action all over the world, most recently in Iraq), a Grandma and a video camera whiz.

Imagined scenario: Yours truly would drive the scooter with Bailout in the sidecar while Jimi and Debra followed along. Jimi, who has driven similar scooters in Italy, would change out with Yours Truly from time to time.

We are currently in mid-trip of the first Cowgal Pals Reality Show – which is to say:

1.) A cowdog who adores riding on a four-wheeler isn’t that crazy about riding shotgun in a motorscooter.

2.) A scooter so light that three women can push it up the ramp end of a trailer does interesting hippity-hops in a cross-wind.

3.) Gentle rain from Heaven can make you think the ice age has returned.

Cowgal Pals, however adapt, adjust and overcome with panache. (Panache: not a breakfast cereal). In our nightly campground (motel or bed and breakfast establishment – naturally) we drew up plans for the Cowgal Pals Hall of Fame. This prestigious organization will be headquartered midway between the wee towns of God Only Knows and God Knows Where Montana. We have no officers, no board, no rules, no dues, no forms to fill in. You can, however, find us online at

In production:

• Cowgal Pals Trivia Tidbits: Stories and anecdotes of riproarin’ rowdy, and outrageous doin’s of cowgals, present and past.

• Cowgal Pals Annual Cowcountry Calendar: Contains tide, moon and sun dates and special recognition of cowgal birthdays – possibly truth-stretched.

• Cowgal Pals Eau de Mule Fragrances of Farm and Ranch bottled by hand.

• Cowgal Pals Diversified Ranching methods and means (such as how to shear a buffalo).

• Cowgal Pals Cosmetics for Coping. (Eat your heart out Mary Kay and Avon).

• Cowgal Pals Guts and Glory Gazette: Features Cowgal Pal Gripin’ and Groanin’ Column; Crabby Abby Advice Column; CowBOY Cud Chewer Column; Oink-Oink Buy-Sell-Trade News; Prim, Proper and Prissy Pennings by Penelope Jane Prendergast; Stockyard report by Homer (Hum) Humdinger; Polly Pundit, Politically Off the Wall Opinion Page; and Recipes by Cowgal Cookery Pal Tilly Tally-Whacker.

While there is much more to report, Yours Truly must stop as Bailout, the Cowdog (also Road Trip Trail Boss) is insisting that we line out for today’s trip.

Watch this space for future reports.

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