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Habitat stamp no longer required

A Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp is no longer required to enter State Wildlife Areas. New state legislation has redesigned the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program that provides funding for wildlife habitat conservation.

Anyone buying a hunting or fishing license in Colorado is still required to purchase a stamp.

Non-license buyers may continue to purchase stamps as a way to contribute to wildlife conservation. Purchase of a stamp also provides search-and-rescue benefits.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife owns 230 State Wildlife Areas that total 370,000 acres. The areas provide habitat for wildlife, and are open to the public for hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing. Some areas are closed to the public during specific times of the year to allow animals to rest, to give birth and to nurture young.

For information about special regulations and seasonal closures, consult the State Wildlife Area Property Brochure. The brochure is available wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold, and can also be found on-line: click on the Land/Water button on the DOW web site, http://wildlife.state.co.us. The web site provides a list of all State Wildlife Areas, descriptions of each site, a list of allowed activities, available facilities and directions to the properties.

State Wildlife Areas are managed for the benefit of wildlife and wildlife-related recreation. The DOW requests that people who visit these areas treat the land and wildlife in a respectful and ethical manner.

For information on specific wildlife areas, contact: Jennifer Churchill, northeast region at (303) 291-7234; Michael Seraphin, southeast region at (719)227-5211; Randy Hampton, northwest region at (970)255-6162; Joe Lewandowski, southwest region at (970)375-6708.

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