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I should have seen it coming

but it took me by surprise.

Last year I turned fifty

so I’ve lived half my life.

If I live to be a hundred

or even ninety-nine

no one can deny it

I’m on the downhill side.

First I got a letter from the double A-RP,

they were looking for new members.

Can you believe

they wanted me?

Then I got another,

from the Social Security folks.

To inform me of my benefits,

is this some kind of joke?

Just yesterday I was eighteen

and I still feel the same.

One look in the mirror confirms it

my name’s the only thing that hasn’t changed.

There still are things I’d love to do

places yet to see.

More adventures to experience

before life’s done with me.

There are new drinks I’d like to sip

foods I’d like to try.

Better grab some gusto

before it all goes flying by.

I know we only get one shot –

one trip around the sun.

but if you work it right

you’ll be sad when it’s all done.

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