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Halloween Safety Tips

Luann Boyer, Family and Consumer Morgan County Extension Agent

Here are some reminders about costumes, decorations and lighting to make it the best Halloween ever.

Purchase or make costumes which are light colored, bright and clearly visible to motorists. For greater visibility after dark, decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape which glows when hit with the light from headlight beams. Bags or sacks also should be light-colored or decorated with reflective tape. Have children carry flashlights to see and be seen.

Avoid trips and falls by having costumes which fit well. While kids, especially little girls, might want to wear adult shoes or high heels, say NO. Children should wear well-fitting, sturdy shoes. Secure hats or headgear to prevent from slipping over children’s eyes and obstructing their vision. Instead of wearing a mask, be creative and try face painting.

Be safe with Halloween decorations. Remove obstacles from lawns, steps and porches when expecting trick-or-treaters. If you use candles in jack-o’-lanterns for decorations outdoors or indoors, keep away from areas where costumes could brush against and be ignited.

Better yet, rather than a candle, use an electrical light source. But, be sure the cords are safe. If using something with a cord or extension cord outdoors, make sure it is rated for outdoor use. Always keep extension cords out of traffic paths to avoid trips and falls.

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