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Hanging around

Faye Cool
Broken Bow, Neb.

The expandable hat rack on

the back porch wall holds five cloth caps:

one with #1 Grandpa stamped above the bill,

one with 50th WW II Reunion lettered in gold,

one good-looking give-away from John Deere.

These are the dressiest of the lot,

the other two are long past new –

a tan twill, sweat-stained with oil smudges,

a red, limp hard-looker with mesh inserts.

These two are the workhorses of the bunch,

though all of them have been places and done things:

gone to town … bid at auctions … shot the breeze

in a coffee shop … collected tractor-driving dust,

balky-machinery grease stains.

All of them are idle now …

hanging around on this rack …

keeping each other company …

just collecting household dust.

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