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Hanks: Cheer up a neighbor this winter season

Yes, that first taste of winter was in full uniform early this morning when I went out to feed the ponies.

Not much snow, just a couple of inches and 17 degrees with a 15 to 20 mile an hour wind from the north. Cold enough for me, you betcha, Little Beaver.

Gentle readers, I’m sure y’all have enjoyed this mild, mild, fall weather we have been having. When it’s about 15 to 20 degrees above normal ya sorta’ get to likin’ it.

I did. I got spoiled and always was of the opinion that when the first snow came it would be a double doozie. It wasn’t, but that’s okay with me.

“I’m older than I was yesterday, but younger than I will be tomorrow.”

I’ve always said I like this global warming especially during the winter months. I didn’t feel too much of that global warming early this morning or will at all today.

In preparation for the winter months I purchased one of those shipping containers that they use to transport goods across the big pond. I bought a nearly new (they are all used I reckon if they come across on a ship) eight by twenty foot metal container and let me tell ya … It’s nice!

I bought it to store my Harley, riding lawn mower and a bunch of other things that I have been keeping in my garage causing my work truck to set out all winter. Well, my, my, my, now that ol’ truck gets to get in out of the weather along with my Buick.

Now I don’t have to scrape ice and let the old truck warm up for twenty minutes before I want to crawl in it and go somewhere. As I find myself getting older, it is also harder to want to buck up and bite the bullet and brave the cold just to prove I can.

Nope, I am going to make it as easy on me as I can to get my chores done in an orderly manner with as little stress on the old body as possible. When folks ask, “How old are you anyway?” I sometimes reply, “I’m older than I was yesterday and younger than I will be tomorrow.” How’s that for a clever answer? It’s the truth ain’t it?

Old Man Winter will be around for a while. Much longer than I will want it to be and when I see that first robin around the O-NO my heart will be lighter.

I was in the local post office this morning mailing calendars and a young petite woman was ahead of me. I don’t think I ever heard a more cheerful, happy, endearing little gal in all of my life.

When she left she spoke to each of us, told us to have a nice day and I commented to her that my day was already better just listening to her being so cheerful.

She replied, “Thank you, I hear that all the time.” I have to tell y’all, we need more of that type of attitude if we want to live in such a way as to be content with our lives and what goes on around us.

I’ll do my best to do better if you will, Old Man Winter or not! Stay tuned, tune out the cry babies, be glad that you are alive and able to make a difference and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖

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