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Hanks: It’s time to act like proud Americans after election results

Gentle readers, some of you and this publication may not agree with what I am about to write. I think that’s super good as we are all Americans and want what we believe to be the very best for our country and our family and friends. Agreed?

My folks won this last election and I do believe that I walk a little straighter, stand a little taller, am very excited and danged if I don’t believe I got better looking as a result.

There is some sadness with all of the protest that are going on in some parts of the country and with some very young folks that have no idea about economics, world affairs, trade agreements and the horrid dangers that still threaten this country.

Some protesters are rabid about their position and have no desire to work with anyone for any reason. It’s their way or the highway. For the life of me I don’t remember a single protest either time Mr. Obama won the presidency. Do you?

“I was pleased to see President Obama and Secretary Clinton give such warm and consolatory speeches after their loss.”

What is the difference between them and us? I think folks like me are considered by some on the other side to be uneducated, not sophisticated and available to have all of those familiar slurs like racist and so on hurled at me.

Actually, I am not as educated as I would like to be. I don’t think I’m stupid or a racist or a homophobe or any of those handy tags some would like to put on you and me.

I see where one of the major universities had a “cry in” day for the students and faculty. Are you kiddin’ me Charlie Brown?

I think it’s time for a lot of folks in this country to put on their “big boy and big girl” panties, dump their incredible sense of entitlement, roll up their sleeves and act like they are indeed proud to be Americans.

Actually, I’m waiting on all of those super movie stars and entertainers that promised to leave this country if they didn’t win, to GET GONE! They won’t. They are as shallow as a dry creek bed and as arrogant as many of the politicians I know on both sides of the aisle.

I was pleased to see President Obama and Secretary Clinton give such warm and consolatory speeches after their loss. It does make me wonder, as I always look for a snake under every rock, if the President was so kind to Mr. Trump because he didn’t want his legacy to blow away in the wind like so much campfire smoke.

The same with Clinton. Was she trying to avoid any further investigations into her and Bill’s charity that they have gotten so filthy rich from?

I am a happy Jack today. I have such great expectations for the future for all of us. You on the other side may be surprised to find your lives and your livelihood in much better shape than you ever thought you would in the days to come. I sure hope so.

For all of us, I want the very best America has to offer. I want all of us to feel as if we have something to contribute without sucking our thumb and having “cry ins”.

Mr. Trump, I’ve stuck my neck out for you so please don’t disappoint the folks that had your back even when we held our nose a time or two. As Larry the Cable Guy would say, “GITTER DONE!”

I want to mention a beautiful Christmas CD called Sing Christmas by Joni Topper and Scott Crofts. Joni is one of the daughters to my late best friend.

It’s available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Check it out, stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, roll up yer sleeves and do something or say something to promote MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Let me wish all of you out there a very special and happy, happy Thanksgiving. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖

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