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Hanks: Teenage granddaughter can hold her own on farm, city classmates don’t see it

Gentle readers, I caught part of a discussion on “talk radio” this morning as I was coming back from coffee. I reckon the bottom line was “it’s not red states against blue states,” but urban against rural.

Hummm, I had to ruminate on that as I began to condense the conversation somewhat and it began to make a little sense to me.

Some folks believe the average urban, big city dweller has always lived under the influences of that environment may look down on country folks. They may believe country folks are, well, stupid, ill informed and prone to always be suspicious of all things they are not familiar with.

Country folks for the most part, in my humble opinion, are indeed a little suspicious of those city dwellers on occasion. I think it best that I just cite you an example of what I have just laid out.

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All of my grandchildren are beautiful, especially the girls. I have a granddaughter who lives close by, and I have always had a horse here for her to ride and move cattle and just be a little country cowgirl.

She’s now 17 and more beautiful than ever. A petite “baby doll” she is, but tougher than nails. She has been my right hand man this summer when I needed extra help from grubbing cactus, repairing corrals, staining my decks, fixing fences and mowing weeds.

I recently showed her how to grease the wheel bearings in my stock trailer and she got as greasy as you can get. She always goes beyond what one would expect from such a young lady. She has a great attitude about work, the harder the better and she can handle the “Alice Chambers” (my Allis Chalmers D17 with large bucket).

Her mom told me about an incident at the big urban high school where she is a junior, and some of the “popular urban girls” got into a conversation with her about smart phones. I think they wanted to scope her out to see if she “could be one of them” at some point and time.

One of them asked if she had “Snapchat” on her phone and she wasn’t familiar with “Snapchat.” Well, that was enough to make them not want to include her in their little group of “popular girls.”

She, I think, had her feelings hurt because they made her feel unacceptable. She wasn’t quite as good as they were, and she wasn’t interested in becoming “one of them.” She just didn’t like the feeling of being put down.

I told her mom, “I wonder how many of them could saddle a horse, drive a big tractor, fix a “bob” wire fence and grease the wheel bearings on any vehicle?” Enough said I suppose.

I do firmly believe city dwellers don’t really understand rural living. I don’t think they realize that a rancher and farmer has to be a mechanic, welder, operate heavy equipment, economist, Veterinarian and work in all types of undesirable weather.

Plus all that they have families to nurture, keep up with all their needs like band practice, sports after schools, etc.

I also think there are lots of folks in the city that would like to try and move to the country and be able to do something that brings confidence, peace and some monetary gain.

I would bet ya that they are just fearful of failing. You know the old saying, “fear is the lack of knowledge?” I am a firm believer in that quote.

The bottom line in this radio discussion is that most of the city folks will vote one-way and country folks another.

City against country? Who knows for sure? Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and ask yourself “where do I want my country to be in the years to come?

Please get out and vote!! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

As a side bar, I still have calendars available. Ten bucks for one, add eight bucks for extras. They will be signed and shipped

for that price.

Jack Hanks,

P.O. Box 825

Wellington, Co. 80549 ❖

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