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Happy Thanksgiving

I have been rather preoccupied lately and haven’t been writing my editor’s note. So, for those who have called and emailed to make sure I’m still on this Earth, I’m still here.

A couple of weeks ago both my parents tested positive for COVID, which was very scary. They are in a nursing home in Cavalier, N.D., and as some of you may know, North Dakota has had a rash of COVID cases.

Luckily, my parents’ cases were not severe and yesterday my sister told me their temperatures were below 100, so they are recovering.

I’m so happy that the Lord spared my parents and that my family has something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

I will be traveling to Cheyenne to celebrate Thanksgiving with my daughter and son-in-law and my two grandkids. Yeah, we’re breaking all the COVID rules but after the virus scare with my parents, I feel like I need to spend time with my family.

Now for my favorite family Thanksgiving story. When I was a youngster, we always went to my grandparent’s farm near Adams, N.D., for Thanksgiving and my grandma would cook for about 30 or so people.

One year, grandma was cooking and her brother, my great uncle, was in the kitchen patiently waiting for the meal to begin. Suddenly grandma’s apron must have touched one of the stove burners and started on fire unbeknownst to her. Her brother saw it and without getting up and attempting to put out the fire, calmly told my grandmother that she was on fire.

My grandmother was able to put the fire out and the rest of our Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. And we were, of course thankful that grandma didn’t die in a fire.

I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and that your grandma doesn’t catch on fire.


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