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Harvest Farm’s Fall Festival in September and October

Noel V. Hayes, Jr.The one-quarter acre circular garden that grows and grazes all the ingredients on a pizza can be seen in the Pizza Farm that is part of the Harvest Farm near Wellington, Colo.

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From April through August, the Harvest Farm near Wellington, Colo., hosts school field trips, community and church groups, and birthday parties at their Pizza Farm – a one-half acre circular garden that grows and grazes all the ingredients on a pizza. The children become aware that a farmer can be thanked for pizza as they view each “slice” that represents a different ingredient.

Visitors have a close-up experience with the four legged farm friends – with a dairy cow as they learn how cheese is made, a beef calf for the hamburger, and a pig for pepperoni. They learn that the flour comes from the wheat, see the variety of herbs that provide extra flavor, and learn why the potted olive tree must be moved into the greenhouse during cold weather.

This hands-on experience for students and children in groups of 15 or more, allows guests to participate in farm chores, such as picking, planting, watering, grooming farm animals and more. After a wagon ride tour, guests can enjoy a pizza lunch.

When the Pizza Farm closes for the season, the Harvest Farm’s Annual Fall Festival provides another seasonal farm experience for the whole family including a 12 acre corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, corn cannons, pumpkin blasters, hay rides, children’s playground, pig races, snacks, concessions, barrel train and much more.

This year’s 12-acre corn maze celebrates the Colorado Eagles and their support of the Denver Rescue Mission and Harvest Farm’s fight against hunger and homelessness. Harvest Farm is Denver Rescue Mission’s 209-acre farm and rural rehabilitation center in northern Colorado for up to 72 men.

New for 2009, Bunnington is a miniature village named after Wellington where 20 or more bunnies can hop around. Goat City is a Jungle Gym where goats climb and play and entertain visitors, while Animal Main Street is an old west replica main street that is home to several other Harvest Farm animals.

Other exciting additions have also been made to the traditional activities. The Corn Cannons have been made even larger this year due to their popularity. Watch piglets race out of the starting gate and sprint around the track to the finish pen during the Pig Races. Youngsters can race their friends around hay bales on John Deere trikes on the Tricycle Track.

Always popular is the pumpkin patch where families can pick their own pumpkins, or buy them at the adjacent big white tent. The children’s barrel train rides and the wagon ride tour of the whole 200 plus acre farm are also popular activities.

Harvest Farm’s Seventh Annual Fall Festival will be open Thursday through Sunday to the public during September and October; to school field trips and other groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; closed on Mondays. In order to encourage more families to come out to the farm in September, a discounted price is offered during that month.

Check the web site: http://www.Harvest Farm.net for admission prices, times, driving directions and other information. (Times also vary, so go to “Schedule” to get the calendar, and click on a desired date.)

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