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Harvest Time on the Western Slope

Story & Photos by Debbie Bonnell
Loma, Colo.

I enjoy walking. I am thankful to have a home in Loma, Colo., surrounded by beautiful fields of alfalfa, wheat and corn. As I walk each spring and summer, I see the tiny seeds have sprouted! I have already watched the farmers prepare the soil and plant in fall and early spring. All summer I enjoy watching the plants grow with the help of water and sunshine. It is a joy to see the fruit come!

Harvest time has got to be one of my favorite times of the year. It is exciting for me to see the joy of the farmers as they fill their trucks and grain bins! It is wonderful to smell the aroma of fresh cut alfalfa!

This year, 2012, I wondered, “Will there be much of a harvest with our water shortage?”

My landlord is Jim Brach, and even in drought time, I saw his family blessed again.

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It is said (in God’s Word) that it goes well for those who honor parents. Well, with the Brach family, this is a truth. “Where honor for a grandfather still runs deep in their hearts, there are blessings of fruit.”

John Brach was that grandfather. He started this farm, and the family continues to faithfully work it.

This spring, I watched Jim Brach and his men harvest early wheat. Then this fall, I enjoyed every harvest day as I watched the Brach family reap rewards! Four cuttings of alfalfa! Lots of corn, for silage and beautiful golden wheat harvested.

Yes, even in drought time, the Brach family of Loma, Colo., has used wisdom, honored a grandfather, and there are blessings again. If Grandpa John Brach were here, (who by the way, lived to be 100!) he would be smiling again!

I hope you find as much joy, (as I did) as you gaze upon these photos of harvest 2012. ❖

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