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Hebbert Charolais 40th Annual Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 03/24/2022

Location: Bridgeport, Neb.

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Sales Manager: Greg Comstock

The Schuler family was humbled by the active bidding among both new and repeat customers who attended the sale in person or took advantage of the DV Auction and conference call bidding options.


Producers from Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas and Florida competed for both Red Angus and Schuler Red Composites with the following sale averages:

118 Red Angus Yearling Bulls: $6,276

30 Schuler Red Composite Yearling Bulls: $5,758

148 total yearling bulls: $6,171

The high selling bull was Lot 5, Schuler Matchmaker, 1974. This son of WFL ProfitMaker E7030 brought $20,000 for one half interest and full possession, going to Sandy Willow Red Angus of Waubay, S.D. “Matchmaker” boasted a 156 IMF ratio, was out of a 6-year-old dam that has maintained a 108 MPPA and a 371-day calving interval with all five of her calves produced by AI service.

Another son of WFL ProfitMaker E7030, Schuler Outrageous, J888 sold as Lot 4 going to Deb, Jared and Chris Wacker from Brush, Colo., at $11,500 for one half interest and full possession. Outrageous checked all the boxes posting ratios of 109 weaning, 122 ADG, 115 yearling, and 127 IMF.

Schuler Prototype, 1902, Lot 8, was selected by Adam Glienke, from Washta, Iowa, for $10,000. This son of LSF SRR President 8177F was out of a 2-year-old daughter of Schuler Supremacy 7177E. Prototype outperformed his contemporaries on numerous traits including ratios of 113 weaning, 113 ADG, 113 yearling, 125 IMF and 101 REA.

Schuler Night Duty, J853 sold as Lot 12 for $10,000 to 7 Lazy D Ranch from Lubbock, Texas. He defied the antagonisms ranking in the best 2% for calving ease, top 2% for ADG, and 4% for yearling weight. He was a son of Schuler Ranch Hand, F606 — the leadoff and high selling bull from their 38th Annual bull sale. Ranch Hand sons averaged 9% greater %IMF than their contemporaries in the 2021 Schuler Red Angus bull calf crop.

The Schuler Red Composite program is now in its third decade of providing ranchers with a user-friendly solution to profit through increased heterosis and breed complementarity without increasing mature size. Buyers were able to select between uniform sire groups with guaranteed docility. The Schuler Red Composite bulls have similar calving ease, weight traits and marbling as Schuler’s purebreds but excel to the top 1% of the breed for Ribeye Area and Yield Grade.

Tied for the high-selling Schuler Red Composite bull at $10,000 were Lot 142, Schuler Red 44 Sure Shot, J379 and Lot 145, Schuler Red 53 Top Notch, J392 “Sure Shot” sold to longtime customer, Wilson Ranch from Lakeside, Neb. He is a son of KBHR Sniper E036 and combined his top 1% yield grade and REA EPDs with best 7% calving ease. That combination of muscularity and calving ease is rare in a Red Angus bull and even more so in a composite bull with 50% Continental bloodlines.

“Top Notch” sold to Jones Farm in Van Meter, Iowa, and is a “Schuler Red 53”, meaning he is five-eighths Red Angus and three-eighths Continental. He ranks in the top 1% for REA and YG EPDs as well as Top 3% and 4% respective ranks for ADG and yearling weight EPDs. “Top Notch” is a son of Schuler Top Hand D911, who was the lead off and high selling bull from their 2017 sale. Top Hand was tested in the Schuler’s progeny test herd, where he set a record with 66% of his steers grading Prime.

Customers who purchased in volume included: Kenansville Cattle Company, Fla., Two Creek Ranch, Wyo., CK Ranch, Kan., the Wacker Family, Colorado, John Covalt, Nebraska, Gaertner Family Farms, Nebraska, Monahan Cattle Co., Nebraska, and 7 Lazy D Ranch, Texas.


March 24, 2022 marked the 40th Annual Bull Sale for Schuler Red Angus. The Schuler’s and their ranching customers were blessed with a beautiful spring day, and the Schuler family was humbled by the active bidding among both new and repeat customers who attended the sale in person or took advantage of the DV Auction and conference call bidding options.

Although the Schuler program is built upon the reproductive, maternal, and soundness traits required to “Get the Cow Right First,” their genetics have earned numerous Red Angus “GridMaster” awards for their customers as well as their own cattle. Schuler Red Angus has led the Red Angus breed in carcass data collection since 1991 and annually tests their young sires for both carcass and feed efficiency.


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