Help WCLA further agricultural education in Weld County |

Help WCLA further agricultural education in Weld County

Weld County Livestock Association currently awards two $500 scholarships a year to Weld County graduates continuing their education in the agricultural field. For decades the association has provided the scholarships, added money to the premiums at the Weld County Fair carcass contest, sponsored Cattle for Kids, NE Drylander Fair, Grover Rodeo and Ag in the Classroom.

The other directive for WCLA is to help guide polity on a local, state and national level that protects the foundation and values that the west was built on. The WCLA promotes the raising and selling of all kinds of livestock and disseminates information for the betterment of the livestock industry.

Annual fundraisers for the WCLA include an Annual Banquet and our successful Annual Family Ranch Rodeo held at the Southeast Weld County Fairgrounds. Our goal is to increase the number of scholarships and monies given to youth in our county furthering their education in agriculture.

To help the WCLA help kids in this venture, please consider donating money or items to help them expand the number of activities and scholarships they do for kids in the county. WCLA isa 501 3c corporation. For more information, call (970) 897-2818 or email


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