Here we go again |

Here we go again

TAles from the O-No Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

It’s the eleventh day of April and another “big blow.” Yup, yesterday morning it started with rain, ice, snow, and wind and it came in like gangbusters! Sure wasn’t ready for that, were you? You folks out on the plains and our neighbors in Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska, and the Dakotas, my oh my! I have you on my mind.

This morning I stumbled out of bed, washed my face, looked back at that old guy in the mirror, made my bed, made coffee, got some warm clothes on and my big rubber boots and headed to the corrals. The wind was really crackin’, blowing snow and the drifts had a purty good start on making my journey difficult. I stumbled over and around some of them, still with double vision, and trying to maintain my balance in the wind. The ponies were lookin’ at me with some confusion and bewilderment concerning the weather. It appeared as if they thought they had slept through summer and woke up to this. I plugged in the heater to the water trough, got them a little extra helping of oats, put ample hay in the hay rack and thought to myself, “this ain’t no country for old men.” It ain’t, but I’ll be doin’ it again, again and again before I finally say “enough is enough” and go back to being civilized again.

This “blow” is not as bad as the last one, at least here at the ONO. I say that with the wind still blowing drifting snow past my window.

Who knows how it all ends. The weather girl says we may have a few more of these storms this spring or at least that is what the computer is telling her. She is a “cutie” gentle readers, so I’ll just let her say whatever and hope she is way off the mark. I am DONE with winter for one year. I said that as if my brashness was going to change any weather patterns.

I have plenty to do here in the house today. I have a few shirts and jeans that need ironing. Okay, here’s my man card. I care not, that’s just who I am. Mr. neat and clean when the opportunity presents itself. I see some pretty sloppy, wrinkled lookin’ folks when I am out and about. Now we are not talking about folks that we call ‘workin’ folks,” that have a reason to be untidy looking or folks of the soil or soiled from workin’ cows. I see young men and some women when I go dancin’ that seem to go out of their way to look like they took a nap under a bush hog while it was runnin’! Then there are the ones that went to some trouble to make themselves look as nice as they could. I like those kind the best.

I may get a cartoon or two drawn today. These are the types of days that I have no excuses for not sitting down at the drawing board and find out if I can come up with yet another “funny” or two and stay ahead of the game. Hey, I know that all of my cartoons are not “funny.”

Calvin and Hobbs was the only cartoon that I found made me at least grin every time. Good stuff!. I do my best, I really do try to find your funny bone each and every time. Win some, lose some.

I reckon I better get busy with that ironing before I totally lose my ambition to do so. So, stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember “the best things in life are not always things!” I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖


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