Here’s a great Gift Idea: "I Donated My Life to a Cow" |

Here’s a great Gift Idea: "I Donated My Life to a Cow"

Tracy Darrington Fence Post Editorial Coordinator
Arcon PublishingDean Walck - Colorado cattleman and author of "I Donated My Life to a Cow"

This book would make a wonderful gift!

Have you ever known a good storyteller? A good storyteller can captivate the attention of anyone within listening distance – and then make them want to hear more and more. Dean Walck, author of “I Donated My Life to a Cow,” possesses

this rare kind of storytelling talent, and has taken it a step further by translating his stories into a book about his experiences as a long-time cattleman and rancher on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Walck, born of a pioneer family who homesteaded on the Western Slope in the late 1800s, has ranching in his blood. He has lived and breathed it all his life, working alongside his brother, Scott Walck, who has also written articles for the Fence Post on occasion. The title page of Chapter 2 states the intent of Dean’s book in true “Dean Walck style”: “Remembering special people, places and moments from 60+ years of following an old cow around the Plateau Valley and elsewhere.” The entire book is written in this delightful style, straight and to the point, but is filled with humor, tenderness, excitement, and above all, recorded history of the hard work involved with running cattle over the years.

This book is not only filled with a good amount of historical information, but also has carefully documented photos, maps, diagrams, and some hand-drawn illustrations, which greatly aid the reader in understanding exactly the points Walck intends to get across, and where his stories occurred.

Woven intricately throughout the pages of Dean’s tales is the undeniable tenderness and love Dean holds close for his beloved wife, Roylee, who he lost in 2001. Her presence in this book is so real, the reader feels certain they would have loved her, too, and have truly missed out by not getting to meet her. The Dedication at the beginning of the book – “Dedicated in Loving Memory to Roylee Williams Walck” – is only the beginning to the tributes he writes about Roylee, either directly or indirectly with his tongue-in-cheek style. It is refreshing to read about true love that survived all the trials and tribulations of working ranch life through hard times and good.

Specifically captivating are Walck’s chapters about hard winters with cattle snowed in and all the hard work that had to be done to take care of them; his cattle buying adventures; hauling cattle and horses before stock trailers and trucks; a chapter called “How We Got Things Done” that truly lets readers know how much easier life is today; how they put up hay and the challenges involved; and chapters about “Real Cowboys”, “Rodeo”, and “Changing Times.”

This 182-page book was a very easy and captivating read, and one this reader just couldn’t put down. On my second reading now, I wish there was a sequel to look forward to.

I would recommend this book for any history buffs interested in a cattleman’s life. This book would also make a great gift for anyone who enjoys reading about Western lifestyles, or for someone who just longs to reminisce with an old friend. After reading this book, although I have never met Mr. Walck personally, I feel like I have known him a long time and that he is a treasured friend.

There was only one sentence in “I Donated my Life to a Cow” that I would dare to dispute. In his Chapter “Milk Cows, Then and Now”, Walck states: “I bet at one time there were over 2,000 dairy cows in the Plateau Valley; now, I can’t think where even one milk cow would be. Since no one will read this, even if there is a cow out there, they can’t make a liar out of me.”

Well, Mr. Walck, I dare to challenge you on that statement. I suspect that once word gets around about this truly entertaining and historical book of yours, EVERYONE will want to read it!

“I Donated my Life to a Cow”

by Dean Walck

Arcon Publishing

Bound Paperback: $30

ISBN # 978-0-9788768-1-4

To purchase your copy:

Arcon Publishing

P.O. Box 456

Inkom, Idaho, 83245-0456

Phone: 1-208-254-9853

Thank you, Mr. Walck, for taking the time to write this book so others could enjoy it.


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