Hidalgo County man arrested again, faces additional felony charge in cattle theft case

Phillip Drake sold cattle that weren’t his to collect more than $500,000; some still missing.

When a Floresville man sent 230 head of cattle to Edinburg to be grazed and cared for from the fall of 2020 through the spring of 2021, he never guessed fewer than 200 would return. But that’s what happened. After hearing multiple excuses from Phillip Drake, who he’d entrusted with the care of his livestock, the victim knew he’d been had.

That’s when he reached out to Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Joe Aguilar Jr.

Throughout the course of Aguilar’s investigation, it became clear Drake had gone to several people offering to purchase the cattle with their money, feed them and then sell them for profit.

Aguilar is still looking for cattle that were sold by Drake. The cattle are of various breeds but have a RZ on the left leg area. If you have any information, please contact Special Ranger Aguilar at (956) 513-0297.


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