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Homemade pie is delicious

This is all about pie, yes, pie. That very delicious, fattening, generally considered unhealthy by most health professionals, dessert. That thing that it seems most of these younger cooks don’t know how to make. Is that because the Home Ec teacher or young cook’s mother didn’t make pie?

My wife would much rather make a cake than pie, but from time to time she will whip out a pie. I think my favorite is buttermilk pie, but apple, cherry, raisin creme, coconut creme or pecan are high on my list too. No pumpkin.

Right next door to the real estate office is the Longhorn cafe here in La Grange, Wyo. It’s very handy in that we don’t have to have a coffee pot here at the office, just walk next door and refill the cup. Also gives me a little exercise.

Along with good food, the Longhorn has pie made on the spot pie, and a wild assortment of pie. The usual – apple, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, coconut creme, lemon and pumpkin – but then some you don’t find every day – candy bar or banana split – are a couple of the unusual ones. There are days a candy bar pie is made in the morning and it is gone by the middle of the afternoon.

June is the pie lady. She comes to the cafe and bakes pies several days a week. Now the cafe is open six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. In the past year, May 1 to May 1, June baked over 400 pies. With a few holidays closed, that figures to about 300 days a year the cafe is open. Breaking it down a little more, that’s about a pie and a third a day.

There are some other things about pie. Number one – pie will cause your pants to shrink. Pie will also cause your shirts to shrink, but what a delightful way to ruin clothes.

And when you consider pie crust is now usually made with vegetable shortening and not lard like my grandmother used, it might not be all that unhealthy. I fact, using vegetable shortening, it could now be considered healthy and a good way to get your vegetables.

Once a year here in LaGrange, in order to support the Community Building, there is a dinner and pie auction. There will be a dozen or more pies. Some very unique pies show up in addition to the normal fare. But don’t expect a bargain. We’ve auctioned several pies for over $150, and I recall one that brought over $200. Good pies, and a lot of fun. Takes about so much money to run the community building, and it’s more fun to have a bidding war over a pie than just write a check. And if pie is still unhealthy, and sooner or later could cause you to die from being overly contented, what a way to go!

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