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Hometown hero

Jamee Kliesen is a senior at Eads High School and a lifeguard at the Eads pool during the summer. Jamee is a member of the Eads FFA Chapter and attended the State Career Development Events in Fort Collins, Colo.

On the night of May 4, Jamee saved the life of another high school FFA member from Arickaree, Colo. The young man had been pulled from the pool by the members of his chapter that were also swimming. Jamee was walking by and heard them say call 911. Jamee immediately went over and administered CPR for five minutes before the boy regained consciousness and then the EMT’s arrived and took over.

Jamee was given the “Making a Difference” award by the Eads FFA Chapter. She was presented the award by Mr. Lance Jagers at the Eads High School Academic/Athletic Awards banquet. Jamee is recognized as a hometown hero.


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