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Honoring our soldiers past and present

Our country was established as a free nation on July 4, 1776, by the Declaration of Independence as written and signed by Thomas Jefferson and fellow patriots. We remain free because of the dedicated fighting soldiers through the years.

Crawford Eagles Auxiliary began with an idea last November to put up pictures of local soldiers, past and present who fought for our freedom. Marietta Richardson said the ladies were trying to find a way to honor veterans on Veterans Day. The picture project was so well received that they decided to leave them up and continue to add others as they are brought in. There is an impressive wall of honor in the Eagles building of many veteran pictures.

“We don’t want the original pictures but will copy any picture and put them up for display,” Marietta explained. There are pictures of veterans from every war beginning with WWI, WWII, Korean, Desert Storm, Vietnam, and the Iraq conflict plus the flags of every unit and POW.

On Veterans Day the veterans are treated by the Eagles to a free buffet meal in recognition of their sacrifices serving our country. This project is a tribute to our fighting men and women past and present as we celebrate Independence Day 2009.

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