Horse microchipping clinic in Evergreen attracts 74 horses |

Horse microchipping clinic in Evergreen attracts 74 horses

The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Animal Industry Division conducted a horse microchipping clinic for members of the Intermountain Horse Association in Evergreen recently.

A premises identification number ” PIN ” allows emergency responders and animal health officials to locate livestock in the event of an animal health emergency such as disease outbreak or natural disaster like fire, flood, or blizzard. The individual animal identification number that is carried in the microchip then allows more efficient identification of animals that may be lost, stolen, or evacuated during an emergency.

The event tripled premises registrations in that zip code and saw 74 horses receive electronic transponder implants or microchips. Dr. Carl Heckendorf, manager of animal health and disease control with the State Veterinarian’s office and an enthusiastic proponent of premises and animal identification, conducted the clinic.

Horses were scanned to make sure the animal didn’t already have a microchip. Heckendorf placed an electronic implant transponder or microchip about the size of a grain of rice in a ligament in the neck. A photo of the horse was taken and a photo identification card was made for each animal.

The photo ID card, printed on hard plastic, includes the horse’s name and colored picture, owner’s name, premises identification number or PIN, microchip number. Members also received a card with emergency contact numbers.

More information on premises and animal identification is available at

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