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Horsin’ Around 1-25-10

Now I know this should be a horse story, and maybe it is if you consider the south end of a northbound horse. However, I never cared much for politics. Oh, that doesn’t mean that I have stayed out of the ring all my life because I’ve jumped in when I felt the need to speak for the people. I got into it after getting out of the sheriff’s department and trimmed a few feathers of the opponents who I felt were using what they conceived the way the law read, to their advantage of course.

I got into it back in New Mexico as a young man trying to make a difference with the men involved who I felt were a bunch of crooks. But that was when I got my tail feathers trimmed and had to carry a pistol in the truck I was driving. One of my friends even had a bullet through his living room window. Which put us all on nerve, but New Mexico politics at that time were bad. That was when I vowed never to get into politics again.

However, after reading Sarah Palin’s book about what she went through, I decided to get in and try to make a difference. So throwing my hat in the ring for county commissioner to fill Kathay Rennels’ vacancy I jumped in, and boy was that an experience. I had no idea how to go about the method of getting started. Had no base support from folks in this district, and was mostly unknown to the people in this district other than the horse folks I deal with or the ones who read my articles. I should have gone to some of the meetings and visited with folks about their views.

On the evening of the big Republican meeting I pulled into the parking lot and was surprised by the number of cars there. Inside I tried to find out what I should do and finally found that I was supposed to speak. Once again it was a surprise since I had not even wrote up a speech. Then just before I asked an old friend if he would nominate me and he did.

What an eye opener it was to me and I felt I was out of my league and should have pulled out. During the event I discovered the Republican party in this district had to have at least 250 registered voters to make a decision. I had printed up some hand bills announcing who I was and what I intended to push for. That wasn’t enough since I had only printed up 50 hand bills. So I passed out what I had and waited.

When it was my time I got up and told the audience who I was and my background in work history. As an afterthought I decided I should have said that I wanted to be county commissioner to listen to the people of this district and help make the district what they wanted, but I didn’t mention it. Talk about a country boy coming to the big city.

I did get to sit and visit with Kathay Rennels, however, and enjoyed the visit. I found out I had been up to their ranch to a few team-roping contests in the past. They have a beautiful ranch up north close to the Wyoming border.

The whole thing was a learning experience and if I decide to do it again, I’ll have a little better program worked out.


Prior to his retirement, Roger Thompson was a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.

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