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Horsin’ Around

Have you ever had times when your horse just causes a problem and you can’t figure out how to fix it? Well, that’s where I am at right now … only it’s not my horse that is giving me all the fits … it’s my computer. I used to call it “Puter,” but now I have changed its name to (borrowing the term from “Mad Jack” or an old cowboy term) “Puke.”

Now old Puke has been a good computer that has served me a lot of years, especially when writing these articles. But now I just can’t seem to get into the Internet to send articles by e-mail. I have been using MSN for a number of years; then, all of a sudden, they tried to change my home page and that started all the trouble.

Now, I have ridden horses that showed these kinds of symptoms and tried to work my way through the problems. I have had years of experience with this kind of behavior, but it is usually with young horses that aren’t settled yet. I’ve found the best way is to have patience and work your way past the problem as easy as you can. Usually it is something you have done in the beginning or something someone else has done to the horse before you got him (that causes the problems).

Through the years, I have run into only a few horses that have not been able to come around with a gentle touch. I owned a couple not too long ago that just frustrated me so much that I had to just dump them off to someone else. The first one was a colt that I raised with my horses. He was gentle and I took him down to work on a ranch in New Mexico, then sold him to a neighbor girl to run barrels on.

She said he worked well for her, but she could not take him off by himself.

Turned out it was my fault because I raised him with my horses and I never took him off by himself. He couldn’t stand to be by himself in a trailer. So, I brought him home and sold him at the horse auction. He was a good gentle horse as long as he had company. The second one was a good gentle horse with some bad habits that just made me mad every time I rode him. Therefore, I sold him as well. In addition, the gal who bought him said he turned out to be a good horse. He was also a good horse for me, but just made me mad every time I got on him, and I didn’t need that.

That brings us back to “Old Puke” and MSN. I don’t know which one of them I am mad with. I’ve, by phone, been to India seven times, the Phillippines four times, and Puerto Rico once in the past week, with no solution to the problem.

Now, I always say when you have a problem with a horse you can’t solve, then you need to get away from the problem and let someone else work with it. That is exactly what I am getting ready to do ” get one of the computer “geeks” to fix the problem. All of this is because I lost my e-mail address book and am lost without it.

But I am stubborn, like some horses I have owned. What I have learned, however, is that they don’t know much more about this than I do. Because I can tell ” they need to take a moment and look up on the puter screen to see how to solve everything.

Now, where is this all going? I am afraid, like some of the spinning bulls I have been on, right down the drain into the stinking cesspool.

Roger Thompson is a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.


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