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Horsin’ Around

Going to church is not like it was when I was a youngster. Back then it was all solemn, a very somber occasion. I repeatedly got in trouble for laughing and playing with my friends. I agree that there are times when it should be that way … But, (I am going to get a lot of criticism for this) … I feel that God put a happy nature in us and has a sense of happiness with in Himself, wanting to enjoy our worship of Him.

So when Randy and Heidi Gunn scheduled an appearance at the River of Life Church in Wellington, I, and a number of other folks made sure we were there to pack the church. Randy and Heidi Gunn, along with their band filled everyone’s heart and kept feet dancing by singing and playing inspiring and easy to listen to worship songs. Now I must admit that most of us are in to the western songs but looking around at the young people, “GunnPoint” is appealing to almost everyone.

Randy and Heidi are not just stage singers, they have a horse ranch in Windsor and travel around the western states involved with Mounted Cowboy Shooting. They hold their Cowboy Church at rodeos, county fairs and Mounted Cowboy Competitions. Of course, there is no shooting in the church, but both Randy and Heidi are well known around the horse world and especially in the Cowboy Shooting circles. In fact, Randy won the National Championship in Mounted shooting, and Heidi is also and excellent mounted shooter.

Randy says that he preaches a message not for folks who already have God in their hearts but to those who have never heard of the redeeming quality given to the people of this earth. Some cowboys are especially lacking in the knowledge of Jesus Christ because of their life style. However when they are alone, like gathering cattle or riding the backcountry, they seem to have a larger than life respect for the Almighty. Randy is preaching to these folks. Unlike most churches, Randy and Heidi’s messages are simple and to the point, not getting into any deep study of the Bible because they are trying to get the Word out to as many folks as they can.

I enjoyed the service or show, which ever you want to call it, because it appealed to me. Maybe It wouldn’t appeal to everyone but Jesus gave us an assignment to go into the world and spread the Gospel in our own way.

Roger Thompson is a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.


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