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Horsin’ Around

Well it has been a long cold winter as far as I am concerned. I think I have spent enough time moaning about how I feel in cold weather.

I am very worried about election time, though I know you have probably made your decision by now. If you haven’t then you had better get busy and make a choice. Now, I’m not going to try to tell you who to vote for, but what I would like to say is, “Get out and vote for your choice. Otherwise we have no right to complain when things don’t go the way we think they should.” I feel the same way about folks who sit up in the stands and complain about the way someone in the arena is riding or handling a horse. My thought is,”If you are such an expert, why aren’t you out there doing it?”

In the past, I have not been too interested in who gets into the Primaries and only voted in general elections, which gave me the right to complain when the person I didn’t want was elected. Usually I was out in the wilderness somewhere, on the ranch, or just didn’t think my one little say-so would make a difference. However, with the tailspin this country seems to be in, I think every vote counts.

After all, that’s what this country was founded on. So many of our young lives have been given to preserve this right to have a say in what is going to happen and who is going to lead us. I feel this is a time when we should all stand up and take part.

I was talking to a young man I work with, the other day and he is going into the Marines because, as he said, “I want to serve my country.” That statement hit me right in the heart because I haven’t heard that for a long time and it made me feel very proud of our young folks growing up in this country today. I also work with a young woman who in the U.S. Army Reserves and I like her attitude about things that happen around her. Oh, she is still a kid to me, but has an outlook on things around her the other young people her age don’t have. Moreover, I don’t think I would ever want to tangle with her.

Well, this doesn’t have much to do with horses or training, and I’m just rambling on, but I like what I see in the young folks today and want to get my word out there for whatever it’s worth. I’m going to make it to the caucus and let my voice be heard.

Roger Thompson is a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.


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