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Horsin’ Around 8-9-10

I am getting to the age where I need plenty of sleep; otherwise I am just wiped out while trying to get things done. So, the other night I was in that deep sleep about 3:30 a.m. My room is on the road side and with all the windows open to let in fresh air, I usually hear everything that goes on out toward the road in case my horses get out. Hopefully I’ll hear them before they get plumb away in the dark of night. There is usually not much traffic that time of night, but …

The doorbell rang, filtering through my foggy brain, then it rang again. My daughter heard the bell, and by the time I was out of bed, she already had the door opened and was on the front porch. Now when my doorbell rings at that time of morning, I am cautious about opening the door. So by the time I got there, my pistol held down by my leg, my daughter and another lady were walking out to the corral to check on the horses. I stepped out to see what was going on and they came back and came into the house.

One look at the woman, Amber, and I knew it wasn’t an attack on an isolated farm house. Amber said she and friend Greg had been catering a party up north and then sat around by the fire before going home. It was darker than the Ace of Spades and they hit a horse. By the time I got dressed and started out, my daughter and Amber were walking out to the road. Driving out to the road with my lights on I could see the horse lying just past my drive. Being a dark bay mare made it hard to see in the night.

Turning on my emergency flashers I parked facing the dead horse and got out. I then went to work doing what I spent 8 years doing and called 911. To my surprise, the dispatcher advised he would be sending out the Highway Patrol because it was a vehicle accident. Then I checked to see if Amber and her boyfriend were injured and they said no. My next question was to Amber, “Have you been drinking?”

“I had a drink about two hours ago” came her answer. With a quick calculation I figured she would pass a roadside test.

My daughter brought us more coffee while I began calling neighbors to try to find out who the horse belonged to. Soon my neighbor Justin Story showed up as well as the Highway Patrol; now it seemed like I could relax. The next day I found out that the bay mare belonged up the road. Seems a mountain lion had come through the night before and spooked the horses. It was sad but one of the things we put up with up here.

A few days later Amber showed up at my house with this note; “Thank you for your helping hand and heart that morning. I am so grateful for God’s grace over our life and placing you and your daughter there that night and helping settle the dust. Please come into Bisetti’s for dinner on me!”

It is nice to be appreciated.


Prior to his retirement, Roger Thompson was a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.

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