House adopts bill with Ag approps CR, Trump will sign |

House adopts bill with Ag approps CR, Trump will sign

The House on Wednesday passed a massive appropriations bill that President Donald Trump has said he will sign, avoiding the possibility of a government shutdown only weeks before the midterm elections.

The vote was 361-61. The bill has already passed the Senate.

The core of the bill is the conference report providing funding for the Defense and Labor, Health and Human Services and Education departments for fiscal year 2019, but it also includes a continuing resolution providing funding until Dec. 7 for agencies for which appropriations bills have not been finished, including the Agriculture Department and related agencies.

Senate Appropriations Commmittee ranking member Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., noted that “For the first time in 22 years, Congress is sending the Labor-HHS bill to the president’s desk on time by the beginning of the fiscal year.”

Leahy said this was possible because “It is free of poison pill policy riders, has broad bipartisan support, and it complies with the bipartisan budget agreement reached by Congress in February.”

“This is a proven path forward for the appropriations process, and it is the only path forward for the remaining appropriations bills,” Leahy said. “I am hopeful that House Republicans will drop their remaining poison pills from the third minibus, so that we can complete nine of the 12 appropriations bills by the end of the fiscal year.”

The third minibus includes the Agriculture appropriations bill.


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