House Ag subcommittee chairs demand Farmers to Families answers |

House Ag subcommittee chairs demand Farmers to Families answers

House Agriculture Nutrition, Oversight and Department Operations Subcommittee Chairwoman Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, and other House Agriculture subcommittee chairs last week sent Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue a letter demanding answers to a series of questions about the Farmers to Families Food Box program.

Fudge noted that the Office of Special Counsel last week found Perdue in violation of the Hatch Act for making political statements at an event to promote the food box program, and that USDA has sent letters from President Donald Trump to accompany the food boxes.

“The administration is clearly out of bounds with these political letters,” Fudge said. “We intend to find out what pressure was exerted on USDA to use hungry Americans to make such a political statement in the lead up to Election Day, and frankly, it’s disgusting for an administration that has repeatedly tried to kick millions of working families and kids off SNAP to suddenly demand credit for feeding the hungry because it’s politically advantageous.

“That’s not what this program is for, and that’s a complete debasement of the mission of the Agriculture Department.”

Fudge and her colleagues also noted that Perdue has not responded to requests for information.

“At every opportunity, the USDA has chosen to delay and hold up this subcommittee’s review and oversight into this program, and has opted to politicize feeding hungry families in America,” Fudge and the lawmakers wrote.