House leaders to extend budget deadline to Dec. 21 |

House leaders to extend budget deadline to Dec. 21

House leaders unveiled a bill to extend the deadline for funding government agencies, including the Agriculture Department, from this Friday until Friday, Dec. 21, Politico reported. The decision to delay the funding deadline is a reaction to the death of President George H.W. Bush, whose funeral will be held Wednesday. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has announced there will be no votes in the House this week, although apparently that means no recorded votes, since the House will have to pass the budget extension by voice vote. The Senate is in session.

The bill also means that Congress just a few days before Christmas will face the question of shutting down the government over President Donald Trump’s demand for funding a border wall.

The decision does not directly affect the farm bill, but the release of that bill has been postponed until early next week. Ryan has also called the House to return on Monday for votes.

Both houses of Congress were expected to finish their work by Friday, Dec. 14. Democrats said the deadline should have been extended for only one week, Politico reported.

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