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Hoyer details House floor business schedule

-The Hagstrom Report

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., sent his colleagues a letter Monday detailing the plans for bringing up legislation on the House floor through July, including the Great American Outdoors Act, the fiscal year 2021 Agriculture appropriations bill, the Water Resources Development Act and another coronavirus aid package.

After taking up the National Defense Authorization Act next Monday and Tuesday, the House on Wednesday “will take up the Great American Outdoors Act, a Senate-passed bill to fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund permanently and invest in the protection of America’s cherished National Parks for generations to come,” Hoyer said.

On Thursday and Friday, July 23-24, the House will consider the first package of fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills: State & Foreign Operations; Military Construction & Veterans Affairs; Agriculture; and Interior & Environment, he said.

The following week, the House will continue to consider appropriations bills and other legislation including the Water Resources Development Act.

Hoyer said he and other members hope “the Senate will act quickly with long-overdue action on the Heroes Act or other legislation to address the impacts of COVID-19 so the House can respond by the end of the week of July 27. Regardless, the House will return, if needed, to do its job whenever required to help Americans get through this crisis.”

Hoyer concluded, “It is my hope that the House can complete its work on all of these items in a responsible and timely fashion and in a way that does not infringe on members’ previously scheduled work as part of the August District Work Period. If we are able to do so, the House will have passed legislation to fund 96% of the government before the end of July for the second time in two years, reflecting the commitment of the Democratic House Majority to governing responsibly For The People.”

The Senate is scheduled to return Monday and to be in session through Aug. 6.