Hurricane to affect pork producers lobbying, not NFU |

Hurricane to affect pork producers lobbying, not NFU

The National Pork Producers Council advised journalists on Monday that it is encouraging its members who are in Washington for their legislative fly-in this week to return home Wednesday to avoid Hurricane Florence.

NPPC has also canceled a media briefing for Thursday, but said that during their time in Washington pork producers “will lobby their lawmakers on trade, visa reform/farm labor” and their requests for the new farm bill, including a foot and mouth disease vaccine bank and protection of interstate commerce.

NPPC also seeks “proper regulatory authority for genetically engineered livestock and laboratory-produced cultured protein.”

Producers will ask Congress “to urge the Trump administration to end trade disputes and pursue bilateral trade agreements,” according to an NPPC weekly update.

About 350 members of the National Farmers Union are also scheduled to be in Washington for a fly-in this week, but they are unlikely to leave because they are scheduled to arrive Tuesday and leave Friday, an NFU spokesman said.

“We’re unfortunately looking at it hitting during our entire event — folks are coming in on Tuesday and leaving Friday. It could be bad, but we’re a ways from knowing at this point,” the spokesman said.

The NFU members are scheduled to “push for passage of a farm bill that supports family agriculture, strong protections from international trade market disruptions, and expansion of the American grown biofuel market,” according to an NFU news release.

Scheduled events include a briefing with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue at the Agriculture Department, a briefing with the OFfice of the U.S. Trade Representative and a farm bill forum on Capitol Hill.

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