Husker Harvest Days: UNL exhibits to focus on managing change, challange |

Husker Harvest Days: UNL exhibits to focus on managing change, challange

Attendees at Husker Harvest Days, Sept. 11-13 near Grand Island, Neb., can find the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Husker Red steel building at Lot 827 on the southeast side of the exhibit grounds.
Photo courtesy UNL

LINCOLN, Neb. – Husker Harvest Days exhibits from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln will help show farm and ranch families how to manage change and challenges in their operations.

“Managing Change and Challenge: Strengthening Nebraska’s Agricultural Economy” is the theme for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources exhibits at the Sept. 11-13 show near Grand Island.

Exhibits will outline a wide range of decision points, strategies and tools for farmers, livestock producers and farm families that can have a direct impact on their economic well-being.

Exhibits inside IANR’s trademark Husker Red steel building at Lot 827 on the southeast side of the exhibit grounds will provide information on:

> the relationship between cost, nutritional value and impact of various feed sources for cow/calf operations;

> how farmers can better utilize federal farm policies such as the farm bill safety net during a time of transition into new realities in the agricultural marketplace;

> using crop budgets to analyze the true operating costs for a farm;

> agricultural land value and rental rates in Nebraska;

> succession and transitions for farms and ranches;

> the nutrient value of baled cornstalks for cattle feed and exploration of the implications of the practice on soil quality;

> how families, farms and communities deal with stress.

In addition, a bank of video screens will provide a big-picture experience of “Hot Topics in Nebraska Agriculture.” Nebraska Extension specialists will be on hand to provide additional information on each of the showcased topics, which include crop response to hail, cover crop planting, grazing cover crops, and effects of weather and climate on agricultural systems. The screens will also be used to demonstrate a grain marketing program that can simulate real-time commodity marketing decision-making.

Outdoor exhibits adjacent to the building will feature demonstrations related to pest management and commodity marketing. The weed science team will demonstrate how best to apply pesticides with minimal drift using a sprayer technology trailer. They will also help attendees learn how to identify field and pasture weeds and herbicide injury on both crops and weeds.

For youth attendees, the outdoor area will also feature the Commodity Carnival. The Commodity Carnival is hosted by the National 4-H Council and CME Group, and is about teaching youth about managing the business risks and costs associated with bringing livestock to market.

IANR faculty and staff will be available to answer questions on a variety of extension and research-related topics, provide copies of NebGuides and direct those needing further information to extension experts in their area.

Showgoers can also learn about the latest opportunities for students at the university’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis. College representatives will be available throughout the show to answer questions from potential students. Those interested in the Nebraska Leadership Education Action Development program can also visit with a representative.


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