In a Sow’s Ear 1-18-10 |

In a Sow’s Ear 1-18-10

Anybody else tired of politically correct language? The words and phrases used to be invented to joke about tiresome foolishness and silly activities. Now, it seems the asinine, inane and totally ridiculous are the norms.

Politically Corrected

(prose-challenged) Limericks

There once was a crook who managed

To steal a TV that was damaged.

The man was a cheat

but if you politically speak

You’d say he is morally challenged.

Feisty, Mabel’s labeled

She’ll drink you under the table.

On life she thrives

you could say she’s alive,

Or temporarily metabolically abled.

He once had hair transcendent

you could say it was resplendent.

Now that he’s bald

He’s simply called

Folically independent.

There once was a drunk named Quist

who imbibed till he couldn’t resist.

Bragging to a crowd

in a voice over loud.

He’s an anti-sobriety activist.

The cannibals grumbled, whining

their food fare was declining.

Politically speaking

this type of eating

Is called Intra-Species Dining.

Dwight lived with dash and resilience

delighting in every experience.

He fell off his horse

And became a corpse.

Now he’s terminally inconvenienced.

“What can a cowboy offer her,”

asked a vegetarian scoffer.

Said the cowboy perturbed,

“The political word –

I’m a bovine control officer.”

To protect the earth from doom and

egregious over consumin’

All people should die

then EPA can sigh

“Ecologically correct humans!”

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