In a Sow’s Ear |

In a Sow’s Ear

I’m a whole lot sick of being manipulated, maneuvered, and stage-managed by government and corporations on the premise that they’re keeping me “safe”, and that laws and edicts are dreamed up for my “well-being.” Yeah, right. It’s like a “gotcha” game. And every time “they getcha,” it costs money (yours and mine) and brings on fresh annoying regulations to make sure we all conform.

Homeland Maturity

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the corporations keep

Me safe and sound in every matter,

Regardless that I’d really rather.

Choose to live my allotted years

Coping on my own, my dears.

The government and corporations,

Tell me that’s a danged dumb notion.

I should not smoke for I could die,

And I must do it on the sly.

The government says I mustn’t get fat,

I should be slim and sleek as a cat.

Fast food is bad like burgers and chicken,

It makes, so they say, my waistline thicken.

I must wear a helmet for whatever I’m doing,

Like riding or mowing or barbecuing.

The seat belts dangling in my truck and car

I must strap ’em on or I won’t get far,

Before they deem I’m a dangerous criminal

And sent to jail for compliance minimal

To pay for these items of interference

My taxes go up and also insurance.

The legal hustlers and government boys

Accuse and accuse and stomp on joys.

It makes me wonder and it makes me mad,

To learn everyday how I’ve been had.

If I don’t cave in to what’s good for me

They’ll threaten and force I guarantee.

I’ll be put in the hoosegow

behind the bars,

Where I might

linger for yars and yars.

So send some books and a

few bottles of sherry

And stop on by and we’ll drink

and make merry.


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