IRM Pen of 5 Program for cattle producers to begin soon |

IRM Pen of 5 Program for cattle producers to begin soon

David Ostdiek Panhandle Research & Extension Center

Interested cattle producers are invited to participate in the Integrated Resource Management (IRM) Pen of 5 Program, conducted by Darnall Feedlot and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The program is designed to help livestock producers compare feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of their herds with industry averages. By retaining ownership of weaned calves, participants can compare their calves to others in feedlot performance, carcass traits and overall profit. This information may assist in making management decisions such as sire or dam evaluation, marketing, promotions, or others.

The IRM Pen of 5 Program will again be hosted at Darnall Feedlot in conjunction with Paul Dykstra of Certified Angus Beef and Dr. Karla Jenkins of the University of Nebraska Panhandle Research and Extension Center.

The program is open to ranchers of any size operation. They can enter any number head of calves, but five or more are preferred. Cattle need to be age and source verified before they enter the feedlot, or the process needs to be underway.

For each animal, ranchers will receive weight measurements off the truck, at the start of the test, at the mid-point, and at the finish. They also will receive feedlot performance data, including average daily gain, estimated feed intake, feed conversion, an animal health report, cost of gain, and profit. Other data includes carcass weight, fat thickness, rib eye area, quality and yield grade, and ultrasound measurements.

Producers receive a bill every month for feed, yardage and medicine costs.

Cattle will be received and processed at the Darnall Feedlot in Banner County on Oct. 20. The official start date and implant processing is expected to take place approximately two weeks later, around Nov. 3. There will be a mid-term meeting and customer appreciation luncheon to inform participants of industry updates and how the cattle are progressing.

Anyone who is interested should contact Darnall Feedlot at (308) 783-2048 to receive an information packet and forms about the background of the cattle that will be placed in the program and reserve pen space.

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