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Jack: What are your talents?

Gentle readers, I was sitting in front of the wood stove getting warmed up as a little chill had come over the room when I noticed, on the coffee table, a nicely engraved leather book with my ONO brand and my name on it.

It came from Lee Pitts. Lee is a very talented leather craftsman and my notebook on the coffee table is one of my prized possessions. Mr. Pitts has many other talents such as being a clever wordsmith and others I know nothing about.

As far as myself, I have always had a crayon or pen or pencil in my hand since childhood. As a matter of fact, when I was 5 or 6 years of age my dad gave me a spankin’ for drawing a horse a little too correctly.

That was another time in a totally different world than we live in today. That little misstep didn’t discourage me from drawing or wanting to be around horses and maybe someday replacing Roy Rogers as King of the Cowboys!

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Chris Cox has a talent for working with young horses. He and another who knows how many folks are bringing the art of breaking and training young horses to a new level.

Will Rogers had a talent for speaking for the common man in a very simple but knowing way that drew folks to him for his latest quote.

My mother had a talent for imitating any and every woman she came in contact with. You would think that you were talking with that particular person when mom took over for them.

Dad had a talent for just being a quiet, sensible man with more patience than I will ever be blessed with.

Billy Graham had a talent for speaking to the multitudes what he believed God was revealing to him, and they continued to come year after year to hear that simple message.

George Straight just put on his cowboy clothes, a big smile and sang for his fans year after year and was so successful, I believe, because he was just plain George. No splash, no dancing around the stage and busting guitars for effect.

What is your talent? You have some you know about and maybe some you don’t. You may use them often or maybe not often enough.

I don’t consider being coarse, caustic, pushy or overbearing a talent. I just consider that to be rude behavior. I can claim some of those in times past in my life. I hope none are present now.

If you can sing, get in the choir; share your talent with others. We want to hear you.

There is a feller at the dance hall named Dale and he surprised us all last year when he took the mic and sang Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Holy smoke Batman, what a voice that young man has. Now he is a regular for a brief period on Saturday nights.

Can you write? Send something to this publication for consideration.

Some folks have a gift for being warriors. We need brave men and women to come to our rescue on occasion.

I always wish I had a talent for building, or at least something square and straight and looking like it was built by a professional. But, I never had the patience to learn.

I went back over some art work I did years ago. Some were Christmas cards, some were just cartoons that I had drawn or maybe a book I had illustrated for someone and I was taken back. DID I DO THAT? I didn’t know I had that kind of talent back then but I did.

I love to create with words or my pen and that’s my talent. I am really putting a lot of effort into being a better grandpa. Gentle readers let me encourage you to seek out your talents, especially you younger readers.

Use your talents in a way to make life better not only for yourself but for others. Refine and improve your talents and you will be rewarded, I guarantee you that! There is so much talent out there that is being wasted we need to put it all to good use. AMEN!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be a better person tomorrow than you were today and you’ll sleep better tomorrow night! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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