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JBS plant returns to normal operations after small rooftop fire

Employees evacuate the JBS meatpacking plant this morning after smoke from the plants roof entered the building. JBS officials are still workling to determine the cause of the smoke. No one was hurt and operations have resumed as normal.
Photo by Tyler Silvy | Tsilvy@greeleytribune.com

Employees of the JBS meat-packing plant in north Greeley had a scare Wednesday morning as they were evacuated from the plant when smoke entered into the plant from a rooftop, said company spokesman Cameron Bruett.

“Apparently, there was a bit of smoke that entered the plant from the roof area and we briefly evacuated out of an abundance of caution,” Bruett wrote in an email response to questions.

Bruett reported “a vacuum line that pulls air into the plant experienced a small fire and pulled smoke into the plant.”

He said the fire was put out quickly and officials were able to return the plant safely to regular operations within minutes.

“It was a very minor disruption and no one was hurt or impacted,” Bruett stated.

Firefighters were not called.

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