Johnson vs PETA |

Johnson vs PETA

You’ve probably read the news by now that PETA is celebrating a victory. They managed to get Nabisco to take the bars off of the cages holding the animals pictured on its boxes of “Barnum’s Animals” crackers.

If you haven’t heard the news, you are probably rolling your eyes at this very moment as those of us did when we first read it.

In my nearly 30 years in the journalism business, I have had a few dust ups with PETA.

The first time was when I wrote a column about a construction company in California that wasn’t allowed to build on land where an endangered species of fly was found. An endangered fly, really!

PETA sent me a letter slapping my hand for not understanding how important this fly was to the area.

The next time they contacted me was after I wrote about the man who cared for the elephants at the Shrine Circus. Oooops! Actually, I was expecting to hear from them after that story ran.

Then there was the time I rode in the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, which, by the way, was awesome.

I wasn’t expecting PETA to send me a nasty letter after that story ran but I welcomed it as I did the others and promptly filed it in the trashcan.

I expect that, after this Editor’s Note runs, I will receive another letter from PETA, which I will gladly share with The Fence Post readers.

I wish PETA would use its influence on issues like child abuse or opioid abuse. ❖


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