Josh White wins 2002 CAA Auctioneer award |

Josh White wins 2002 CAA Auctioneer award

Josh G. White of Platteville won the State Bid Calling Contest at the 2002 CAA convention. Colorado Auctioneer Association

Josh G. White of Platteville, Colo., was the winner of the State Bid Calling Contest on Jan. 4, 2002, at the Colorado Auctioneer Association (CAA) Annual Meeting held in Aurora.

Josh has been auctioneering since 1998. He began his career working with Harley D. Troyer Auctioneers &Associates, helping at sales of personal property, estates and farm and ranch equipment. Josh is also an independent contractor at automobile auctions in the Denver market.

Josh is a 1996 graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering. He is currently a member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association as well as the National Auctioneers Association.

In 1999, Josh competed in the “First Timers” Bid Calling Competition at the CAA convention and won. He competed this year at the CAA’s convention and was awarded Colorado State Champion Auctioneer. Josh achieved these goals by working hard to become a well-rounded auctioneer. His love for his profession and the tremendous support of family and friends has helped him toward success.

Each year at the annual CCA convention items are donated by participating auctioneers and the public to be auctioned off at a benefit auction, and auctioneers from around the state have the chance to show their skills as they call bids at the sale.

Proceeds from this year’s benefit auction went to little Abriana White-Hulce. Abby suffers from a rare, incurable skin disorder called Epidermalysis Bullosa (E.B.)

The CAA is proud to announce that they helped raise over $7,000 towards Abby’s medical expenses.


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